Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download

Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download 3

A fitness journal

Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download is a software program that acts as a fitness journa It records nutrition, calories, exercise, weight loss, diabetes and general health.

This tool can hold up to 24 measurements daily including blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat and amount of sleep. It also includes a fat caliper to measure body fat.

There is cardio and weight training included in the program which is ideal for any diet plan or workout. It can accommodate measurements of up to five people.

Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download includes five major tools to analyze and view progress, nine fitness calculators, a database that includes 8000 foods, tools for making meal programs, workout programs and your very own custom food database.

In addition, there are also tools to review and manage recipes, favorite Web links, grocery lists, equipment and routes. You can also edit digital photos when you want.

Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download


Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download 3

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  • swArchitect

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    "Weightmania is the best multi-purpose fitness & nutrition tracking software"

    Weightmania is one of the original and still one of the best fitness and nutrition applications on the market for des...   More.